"hop hop" bench series

The furniture series is an example of an elegant combination of stainless steel with a natural material. The system is specifically designed to accommodate a wide variety of installation situations. The benches, with or without back rests, can be cemented into the ground or used as freestanding elements. Alternatively, they can be fastened to vertical wall surfaces by means of additional brackets. Mounted to walls, steps etc, they convert hard surfaces and sharp edges into comfortable seats.The stainless steel frame lends a subtle, minimalist structure to the furniture. It has an additional protective function. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel securely separates the wooden slats, which are fastened from underneath and rest on polymer buffers, from run-off water or stagnant humidity.


  • Vienna, Austria


  • Type 304

Surface finish:

  • Brushing / Polishing


Further Info: