Street lighting in Leuven

When renewing the square facing the central train station, the city of Leuven selected a lighting solution that should unite two seemingly contradictory qualities. On one hand, it should blend well with the historic environment. On the other, it should not imitate designs of the past but express the town’s future-orientation as a renowned university location and science and technology cluster. The functional requirements included mechanical resistance as well as corrosion resistance. The use of de-icing salt in winter and the presence of iron contaminants from the nearby railway made the higher-alloyed, molybdenum bearing grade 316 the most suitable option to ensure durability and long-term low maintenance.


  • Leuven, Belgium


  • AISI 316

Surface finish:

  • Brushing followed by passivation

Fabrication process:

  • Laser cutting


Further Info: